Man vs Earth


Planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Mankind about 160.000 years. Let me put that in perspective.

If you could squeeze the earth’s life span in 24 hours, compress everything that has happened since its birth into one day – what do you think how long we would have existed?

3 seconds. For 3 seconds.

And look what we’ve done… We proudly named ourselves homo sapiens, meaning wise man. But is man really so wise? Smart yes, and it’s good to be smart but not too smart for your own good.

The achievements of humans are incredible. Yes, we’ve discovered electricity. Yes, we’ve build cars. Yes, we’ve invented the computer and the internet. Yes, we’ve developed planes which we can reach any place on earth within 24 hours with. And yes, we’ve split the atom and created clever machines that explore the universe and search for new planets.

But at the same time, we exploited our planet more than ever. At the same time, we created more pollution than ever before. At the same time, one flight burdens the ecosystem as much as driving car for one full year. And at the same time, these atoms we split created nuclear warfares and took countless millions lives. While we’re navigating the universe in order to find new planets, we reject and neglect the home we have here now.

So no, that cannot be wisdom. Wisdom is different. While intelligent speaks wisdom listens and we willingly covered our ears to all of mother nature’s screams and closed our eyes to all of her help wanted signs. Wisdom knows that every action evokes an equivalent reaction. So if we were wise we would not be shocked to see stronger storms than ever before or more droughts, hurricanes and wildfire than ever before, because there’s more pollution than ever before. More carbon dioxide, more trees cut down than ever before.

At a record speed we increased the extinction of animals by 1000 the normal rate. What a feat… There have been 5 tremendous mass extinctions in the history of our planet. Scientists currently see a sixth wave well underway. One sixth of all animal species are predicted to perish in the next century.The amount of vertebrates was reduced by 50% in the last 50 years. Every year up to 58.000 animal species disappear. In the next 10 to a 100 years every beloving animal from every children’s book is expected to go extinct. Rihorns gone. Tigers, gorilla, elephant, polar bear, turtle, see otter, leopard … gone. In 3 seconds.

Species that have been here longer than we will be gone because of us. In these 3 seconds. In an existence shorter than a snapchat video we turned the cycle of life in our own personal conveyor system.We made the Maledive Islands literrally sink within the next 100 years. We made glaciers melt. We made more droughts and more wildfire appear and destroy everything than ever before. And you cannot see our blindless anywhere as clear as in the Arctic.The sea ice shrunk by half in the last 40 years and is expected to be gone in the next 40 years.

Can we be proud upon that? Can we be proud that we lose an area of tropical rainforest that conforms 35 football fields every minute. Can we proud that 130.000 sq km – equal to the size of Greece – forest are cut down and burnt down every year? It’s a shame for mankind.

Somebody, anybody help…

We were given so much. The only planet in this solar system with life. I mean, we are one in a million. No actually, scientifically, we are one in 10 trillion septillions. That’s a one followed by 40 zeros. And I don’t want to get too spiritual here but how are we not a mircale? We are perfectly positioned to the sun so we don’t burn, but not too distant so we don’t turn to ice. Goldilock said it best: We are just right.

This paradise where we we are given medicine from trees, not coincidentally, but because like the song says, we are family. Literally, everything is connected genetically, from the red fire goby to the red fire ant, from the sunflower to the sun bass. And that is what we must realize before it’s too late. Because the real crisis is not climate change, environmental destruction or animal agriculture. The real crisis are we. These problems are symptoms caused by us. We have forgotten that everything contributes to the perfection of mother nature. Corporations keep us unaware and arouse the impression of incoherence. But they have underestimated our strength. Contrary to popular belief millions are waking up out of their sleep right now and see our home being taken right out from under our feet. We cannot allow history to be written by the icky, nasty and wacky.

It is our duty to protect mother nature from those who refuse to see her beauty. Call me crazy, but I believe we should have the right to eat food that’s safe and healthy, with ingridients we can pronounce. We should have the right to drink water that is clean, marvel at the sight of trees and breathe air free of toxins. These are universal rights of nature, not things than can be negotiated in congress. See, they want you to feel powerless but it has been said that something as small as the blast of the stroke of a butterfly wing can cause a taifun at the other end of the globe. So if enough people come together we too can make a difference and see how the world enters a new era, full of love and association, freedom for all without oppression. But it is up to you, yes you reading this article right now, to make the effort because time is of the essence. And only together can we make it to the fourth second…

As a wise man once said:

When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, man will then realize that he is not able to eat money.



Featured image: Daniel Beltra / Foundation of deep Ecology

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