About us

Our mission

Our passion is to create a free education platform for everyone. Therefore, we created The Power Of Science in 2018. A blog that teaches people – free of charge. Withal, we do not focus on one subject but on a wide spectrum of subjects of science. We want to empower people to think freely and seek for answers. Hence, we dedicate ourselves to clarify highly diverse mysteries and explain fascinating scientific events. We provide you empiric answers to hypotheses, attend to solve riddles and answer questions from various areas and offer explanations to stunning phenomenon of science.

Our Passion

We have a dream: Freely teach people and share knowledge - of any subject, free of charge!

About Our Future

We want to create a source which offers knowledge to a huge range of subjects. We want to provide you valid data and answers to scientific mysteries. Withal, we want to be both comprehensive and informative. We focus on quality over quantity. It is very important to us to share correct knowledge and valid data. Furthermore, we will provide images, statistics, short videos, diagrams and further material besides text to guarantee an easy understanding.


The Visionary

Lukas Weber

I've always been intereted in science. In particular, in a wide spectrum of subjects of science instead of one single area. I think science is incredible. My goal is to unite all the theories, effects, formulas and knowledge in one platform and to share it with the world. In fact, freely - because I believe education should be available and free of charge for everyone. My objective is to create one place that offers information to highly diverse themes and answers to innumerable questions. I want to teach people the unwavering mysteries of science because man has a unique ability: we are able to share and pass knowledge. With that said, teach one another and never stop striving for knowledge.

What we offer

Expert knowledge

We really value passing correct expert knowledge and teach you valid data. That is why we prefer quality over quantity.

Range of subjects

The Power Of Science stands for a wide spectre of subjects. You can see most of our topics plus a description below.

Interesting facts

Our mission is to offer interesting facts to various themes and create one place where you can access answers to innumerable questions concerning the breathtaking mysteries of science.

Range of subjects


Here we will approach astronomy, astrophysics as well as cosmology and planetology.


Some branches are general and analytical chemistry, food chemistry and toxicology.


Included subjects are anthropology, ethnology, cognitive science and also sociology.


Topic are for instance algebra, analysis, arithmetic and geometry, logics, stochastics as well as set theory and numerical mathematics. .


We deal with themes such as fluid and electrodynamics, kinematics together with mechanics, quantum and particle physics and the GTR.


Here we talk about philosophical doctrine, epistemology, metaphysic, philosophy of mind plus aesthetics and ethics.


This could include but is not limited to agriculture sciences, laws, social and linguistic sciences as well as theology and much more.


We will cover the subjects biochemistry, botony and cytology, genetics, immunobiology and microbiology plus neurobiology.


This includes but is not limited to geography, geology and geophysics as well as meteorology.


Here we report on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, VR and AR, Natural Language Processing and programming languages and more.


Contains themes such as anatomy, surgery, gerontology and neurology as well as pathology, radiology and pharmaceutics.


This contains biological, social, developmental and behavioral as well as cognitive and social essentials.


Branches are cybernetics and robotics, precision and electrical engineering as well as other engineering.